Critical elements of the official website. Site content.

Critical elements of the official website. This is because it often demonstrates that it can disrupt a web project and because it is closely linked to a business strategy that content requires special attention. The content strategy manager in each project will balance the expectations of the content with the available resources and warn the team about weaknesses that will require a reduction in the volume of content or an increase in resources. He will be guided by the politically unstable country of decentralized publications and long after checking the work of information architects and designers he will control the impact of changes in organizational strategy on the current production of content. Obviously, this is a guard who looks at the horizon and keeps track of problems. Creating a content strategy, which is defined as planning and directing content and publishing projects on the Internet, comes to the fore.

How business benefits from quality homepage. As an expert on content strategy, he works with other managers responsible for various aspects of the project: information architects, technical directors, art directors and project managers. And in addition to leading content-related tasks, it plays a key role in what business consultants call “risk management”.

Paradoxically, if your content strategist detects a problem in a project at a late stage and assimilates it — either overtime or asks for a slight delay — this means that the strategy is working. If someone has a problem, he should be the owner of the content message, not the creator of the content, the referrer, or the person who transfers the database. So, if you are developing a content strategy, you, of course, must feel that problems are arising, and respond quickly when they appear.

One of the best ways to prepare for future challenges is to cross the boundaries of your elementary education. This means that you need to familiarize yourself with other areas in which a content strategy arises. A confusing family tree Marketers tend to view content strategy as a form of marketing – as some technical writers do, although it is an insult to them. Knowledge management experts often say that this is a way to improve processes and set standards.

Web editors and writers have long been inclined to say that this is what they always did. None of them are fundamentally wrong or completely correct. While the debate is trying to determine our discipline anger, the latter is becoming more and more clearly the victim of co-optation of neighboring disciplines or denaturation, because on the Internet some of these disciplines are more likely to make noise more than others. That is why we need to know our roots. If you know who you are and how you got there, it becomes much more difficult to put yourself in a box. And if you know a little about the tricks, methods and history of your tribe, you do not have to reinvent everything yourself.

The origin of the species. I like to imagine our area as a kind of energetic hybrid, but it is rather a Frankenstein monster assembled from spare parts and animated by the alarm of delays. Another suitable comparison: this is a creature of Greek antiquity called a chimera, a fire-breathing monster with the head of a lion on one side, the head of a snake on the other, and the head of a goat growing in the middle of his body (I leave you a minute to visualize this thing.)

Designers have a pantheon that can be referenced: Paula Cher and Sol Bass, as well as Bodoni and Gutenberg. Developers have their own cultural heroes, such as Alan Turing and Sierre Tim Berners-Lee. These disciplines have a common heritage and principles. Design is communication. Elegant code is better than forgotten code. Although he misses the goat’s head, a content strategy expert also has a legacy. In fact, there are several, each of which can tell us a lot. Complete genetic decryption would require the book itself: therefore, we will be satisfied with the four most influential professions: publisher, curator, marketer, and information science expert.

Editorial work and content strategy are so interconnected that the question often arises of how they differ. Outwardly, the content strategy sometimes looks awful, like the editorial activities of magazines and newspapers. The journalistic world and the world of publications can really bring us a lot. For the outside world, the publisher’s name will evoke the ghost of Humphrey Bogart or the coat of Carey Grant, a grumpy, Scottish lover of alcohol and border. On the other hand, those who were injured as a child by their French teacher sometimes imagine that the publisher is a Negro who gives the rules the smallest difference in conjugation.